Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the last few months, whether you follow American Football or not, you will no doubt have heard of a guy called Colin Kaepernick.

In case you haven’t here’s a recap: Kaepernick, a Quarterback in the NFL who a few seasons ago led the San Francisco 49ers to the Superbowl, has been in the spotlight in America recently because he committed a heinous crime against his homeland.

As a result of his crime against America, he now can’t find a job. No owners in the league will come out in support of him. No football franchise in America will touch him with a 30 foot flagpole, which is kind of ironic considering the crime he committed.

So, what was this hideous crime that has ruined his career? Did he fail a drug test? Did he run somebody over in his car while drunk? Was he under investigation for sexual assault?

No, he didn’t do any of those things. What he did, apparently, was far, far worse.

The unforgivable crime Kaepernick was guilt of, was to protest the institutional racism within the police forces in America that culminated in the unlawful killing of multiple unarmed black men at the hands of racist cops, by kneeling during the National Anthem.

That’s it. that’s all he did. He took a knee.

Kaepernick had the bare-faced cheek to disrespect his homeland by kneeling down.

In itself, this story is an over reaction and just plain stupid. But when compared to some of the other crimes committed by players who then carried on playing football in the NFL, it’s so hypocritical it’ll make you fucking angry. I know I am.

You see, if he had done any of the crimes I outlined above, he would still have a job in the NFL if the past has anything to go by.

The list of NFL players who have failed drug tests but continued to play after a ban is extremely long. There were 9 players who were convicted of drug offenses then returned to play in 2016 alone.

Donté Stallworth ran over and killed a pedestrian while under the influence of alcohol after a night out drinking, and only received a one-season ban, and CJ Spillman played a whole season for the Dallas Cowboys while he was under investigation for sexual assault (he was later convicted and sentenced to five years in jail).

You may think that these people were OK to play in the NFL though. You could argue that they served their time and had received their punishment.

If that’s how you think, then that’s fine. I may disagree with you and say that sportsmen and women need to be role models for young Americans who idolize them, but I concede that you do have a valid point.

But the thing is, it’s hypocritical. It’s hypocritical to have sportsmen continue to play after committing felonies, yet ostracize a man just for kneeling down in protest of the racist way some police can shoot and kill unarmed black men without accountability.

And the way another quarterback was treated after he committed an awful crime highlights this hypocrisy in all it’s glory.

That man’s name, is Michael Vick.

Michael Vick, franchise quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons at the time, was found guilty and convicted of bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy. He went to federal prison and served 21 months of a 3 year sentence.

But that’s only part of the story.

What Michael Vick did was not just dog fighting, It went so far beyond that.

Vick and his accomplices are known to have attached jumper cables onto the ears of under-performing dogs. Then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water.

On investigation, the pool’s walls told the story. It seems that while the dogs were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

Imagine a little dog splashing frantically in bloody water, screaming in terror and pain. Imagine his eyes wide open and tiny paws clawing at anything, desperate to escape.

Their deaths did not come quickly.

Vick did all that and more to his dogs. He threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mutilated, he tied electric chord around their necks and hung them from a tree.

And, of course, he cheered as these petrified dogs ripped each other to pieces. I could go on here and detail other far worse things the fucking asshole did, but you get the picture. Honestly, they are far worse than I have told you. They are sick beyond belief.

Because Vick pled “not guilty” to animal cruelty charges, and those charges were eventually dropped in a plea bargain, and he was convicted only of bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy, many football fans do not know the true extent of the evil and despicable acts this bastard inflicted on those poor defenseless animals.

When Vick was released from prison in July 2009 though, he didn’t suffer the same fate as Kaepernick has, not even close. Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles within 4 weeks of his release. Then, in 2011, Vick signed a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Nike, a company that had previously dropped him after his conviction.

He was on the roster in the NFL for 7 further seasons, playing for another 2 teams before he eventually announced his retirement in February 2017.

Since then, Vick has signed a contract with FOX sports as a commentator, and has been inducted to the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame.

Just how fucking hypocritical is it, that Vick can have such an illustrious and financially fruitful career AFTER being convicted of these awful acts, yet Colin Kaepernick can be Kryptonite to the NFL just because he knelt down during the national anthem?

As usual, Donald Trump, the biggest hypocrite of all, doesn’t hold back on his thoughts on the matter.

Here’s what Trump had to say about Vick on Twitter:

Compare that to what he tweets about Kaepernick, and his recent speech:

And, just in case you think Trump isn’t being hypocritical here, that the two stories are not the same, I have to remind you of something…..

….for every tweet Donny Tinyhands sends, there will be a tweet a few years ago where he says the exact opposite:

America; Land of the free, home of the brave, and millions upon millions of hypocrites….

….with the biggest hypocrite of them all sitting in the Whitehouse.

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