If there’s one thing that people from both sides of the political spectrum agree on (to a certain extent), one subject that your political opposite might say, “you have a point there” on, it’s this:

Mainstream media outlets in America SUCK!

Cable news is the worst. It doesn’t matter which channel is your favorite, they are all lying to you. They have all become slaves to their ratings, instead of the truth. Like the DNC, they are slaves to their donors.

If you’ve ever wondered why MSNBC, the supposed “left-wing” news channel won’t talk about single payer healthcare at any length, or are always quick to be behind any war, just take a look at who advertises on their channel.

Cable TV News’s revenue comes from advertising. And if someone advertises on your channel to the tune of millions of dollars, it’s good business practice not to piss those people off.

Every second advert on cable news is for either a new ‘wonder-drug’, or for an insurance company. Is this why, perhaps, that MSNBC or CNN won’t talk about the benefits of Medicare for all? Have you ever wondered why both of them have board members who are also on the boards of giant pharmaceutical companies?

And why on earth would a company like Raytheon be advertising on cable TV? Are they actually trying to sell their laser-guided Tomahawk missiles to the general public, or are they buying the news channel’s support for any and all needless wars the U.S. gets involved in?

Maybe this explains it…..

You decide. I know which way I am leaning.

It didn’t used to be this way

There was a time in America, where the media were the watchdogs of authority. There was a time where those in power were actually scared of what a reporter would say. Sadly, those times have long since passed.

Anybody who has ever heard the name ‘Noam Chomsky’, will no doubt tell you how the media’s job is no longer to speak truth to power. The media’s job now it seems, is to manufacture consent.

Their job is to tell you, the audience, what the authorities in power want the public to know and agree to. It gets worse, though. As in recent years TV media has also become the attack-dogs of the establishment. Joy Reid literally gets paid to punch left whenever a progressive gets exposure. Neera Tanden is even worse.

MSNBC is supposed to be progressive, but follows the corporate narrative on every issue there is, especially when it comes to war. CNN is more like a sports network now than a media outlet. They put two people on either side of the screen, one talking sense while the other talks complete and utter bollocks – then stick Jake Tapper in the middle and yell “fight!”

And as for FOX, shit. That’s not a news network at all. It’s more like a series of shows promoting a right-wing ideology and their “pure” way of life. It’s hard to watch that network for 5 minutes without throwing something at the TV.

However, the birth and boom of the internet has moved the goalposts somewhat. Now, regular people can get their message out without the need for a corporate sponsor. And when that happens, the truth emerges.

Here are the top independent news outlets that liberals and progressives should be listening to, instead of corporate media.

1: The Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy Dore is a “failed jag-off nightclub comedian”. Those are not my words, they’re his own. However, he’s also on the right side of almost every issue and his YouTube channel now has over 250,000 subscribers and is growing daily.

He’s also fucking savage!

Jimmy’s “no holds barred” approach to subjects in a PC-friendly world is totally refreshing. He’s always on the right side of every progressive issue, and unlike mainstream media has guests on the show regularly who will never be seen on MSNBC or CNN, such as Thomas Frank and Mark Blyth.

He reminds me a lot of the great Howard Stern in the way his show is presented. Watch him tear apart the DNC along with corporate mouthpiece Rachel Maddow here:

We are Patreons for Jimmy Dore, and you can be too:

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2: Secular Talk  – Kyle Kulinski

If you enjoy watching somebody getting worked up and shouting at the screen every so often, then Kyle Kulinski will be right up your street.

Part of the TYT network, Kyle’s YouTube channel has grown to over half-a-million regular subscribers, and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Kulinski isn’t just a guy who comments on politics, though. He’s also actively changing the political structure in America by co-founding the Justice Democrats, who are primarying the worst corporate sell-outs in the DNC with public-funded opponents.

Watch Kyle assess Bill Maher’s ridiculous argument with Cornell West on the HBO show “Real Time” here:

Become a Patreon for Kyle Kulinski here.

3: The David Pakman Show

With over 400,000 YouTube subscribers, David Pakman has become a major voice in progressive media.

Unlike Kulinski, Pakman is soft-spoken and rarely gets worked up and angry by the goings on in American politics.

Watch how he deconstructs the way Trump apparently belittled Melania at the Presidential inauguration below. If you haven’t seen Pakman before, you’ll no doubt be impressed by how he tells the story and draws parallels to how sexual predators treat women:

One of the few criticisms of David Pakman I have, though, is how some of his videos (like the one above) can include advertisements for a product he is pushing.

Become a Patreon for David Pakman here.

4: Redacted Tonight – Lee Camp

Lee Camp is about as progressive as it gets for a political commentator.

No other person on this list is as relentless in attacking globalization, rampant capitalism and injustice than he is. And that’s saying something – it’s not as if the other people mentioned here a soft on any of those issues.

Lee is extremely active on Twitter, too. He regularly will talk to normal people like you on me, and will retweet anybody with a damn good point, not just his ‘blue-check’ pals like most popular people on Twitter do.

He’s also bloody funny!

Here’s his most recent episode, filmed before a live audience for his YouTube channel:

5: The Young Turks (TYT Network)

I just know that I’m going to get shit in the comments here for mentioning The Young Turks. People are going to say “they sold out!”, “they’ve gone soft on the DNC” and “they’re Armenian genocide deniers!”

The problem with those arguments is, none of them are true. TYT recently received a $20 million investment from Jeffrey Katzenberg, however the way they report on the establishment has not changed at all. And as for the Armenian genocide comments, jeez, that was something TYT’s owner Cenk Uyger said a long time ago and now freely admits now that he was dead wrong.

TYT is the largest online news presence in the world, with over 5 million subscribers to it’s YouTube channel. It crushes cable news outlets online in terms of daily views. They have grown rapidly in the last year, and have hired some excellent reporters as a result of their journalism drive in early 2016 – chief among them being Jordan Chariton.

Chariton’s work this year in Flint, Standing Rock  and Chicago – important stories which cable news have almost totally overlooked – have been nothing short of brilliant. I would not surprised if one day soon he gets a Pulitzer – that is how impressive his reporting is.

Cenk Uyger, TYT’s founder, has also started up two organizations that could end up changing the political landscape in America forever. Wolf-PAC is currently on a mission to get a constitutional amendment to bar money from politics, which could be huge. He also co-founded the aforementioned Justice Democrats with Kyle Kulinski.

This is not to say that I agree with everything said on TYT. Their daily show is two hours long five times a week, so the chances are at some stage you’ll disagree with an opinion on it.

Cenk’s opinions on Islam are quite different to many people’s views in America, but that does not mean he’s sold out. And for me and many others, TYT does seem to have a fixation on the Russia narrative just as bad as cable TV does.

That being said, whether you like them or not, we need The Young Turks. We need a strong online presence and a powerful progressive voice online to beat the establishment.

Watch Jordan Chariton explain how he was arrested by police while covering a protest of the murder of an unarmed black man in Chicago earlier this year:

Sign up to the TYT network here.

Honorable Mentions

Other YouTube channels worth subscribing to are:

The Humanist Report, with Mike Figueredo

Mike has a very similar style to Kyle Kulinski and David Pakman. I guess you could say he is in-between them on the “angry-ometer”.

He’s extremely intellectual, and at the same time does not suffer fools gladly.

The Real News

Over 200,000 subscribers strong now and growing fast. Definitely sub to this channel as it could grow to be huge in the very near future.

TBTV – The Tim Black at Night Show

I first saw Tim Black on a Jimmy Dore segment a few months ago, and have been hooked ever since.

The Empire Files – Abby Martin

To be honest, I wish I had expanded on the options more, and added Abby Martin into the top 5. Unlike cable TV, she actually travels to places like Venezuela and Palestine and reports the situation from the ground.

Not surprisingly, her reports are often the polar opposite to how cable TV covers these important issues. Watch her tell Joe Rogan just how bad the situation in Palestine is below – you won’t ever hear stuff like this said on MSNBC:

The Intercept

Forget the CIA-funded Washington Post, The New York Times, or any other print-media outlet. When it comes to online newspaper-type media, neither one of them can hold a candle to The Intercept.

Their reporting is by far the most honest of any news outlet of it’s type. They employ some brilliant investigative reporters, headed up by Glenn Greenwald, who won the George Polk Award and a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Edward Snowden story when he worked for The Guardian.

To be honest, I feel bad that I can’t cover all of these channels in-depth in one article.  There are many progressive news outlets and personalities out there to choose from, and no doubt there are some I have missed.

They ALL need our support. Very few have corporate sponsors, and in order for it to remain that way, they need our help to succeed.

Especially as the powers-that-be are doing their damned best to stop these independent news outlets in their tracks with extremely unscrupulous methods – a topic we’ll be covering in the next article – so like our page below to get that in your news feed!

If you feel any have been missed, mention them in the comments with an explanation why they are so good!

Before you go:

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