A few months ago I wrote how Bill Maher was starting to piss me off.

In that article, I expressed how much of a hero Bill was to me, how funny and intelligent he was, how I thought ‘Religulous’ was genius and how I hoped his political ideologies would change from “liberal” to “progressive” very soon and he’d start making sense again.

I wasn’t holding my breath, of course, but I did hope….

Well, it seems he ignored me. Not surprisingly really. I mean, who am I? He’s never seen what I wrote. Why would he? He’s never fucking heard of me, or anyone else that thinks the same as I do, so it seems…

Well, now I am going one step further….

“Fuck Bill Maher!”

Bill Maher is fucking sellout! He’s now complicit in the problem. He’s the guy behind the curtain.

He’s now the guy his friend George Carlin used to say was, “In the club”.

George Carlin was a huge friend of Bill’s. Bill even gave a eulogy at his funeral. They were BFF’s. During an interview with Larry King, Bill said, “This man, to me, was the top of the mountain!”

Unfortunately, Bill is not that guy. At least, it does not seem that way any more. He’s only top of the liberal elite mountain, in my eyes. Bill doesn’t tell it “like it is”. He ‘tells it how it is’ now, only if HBO lets him.

George Carlin used to say, “they don’t give a fuck about you”, and “it’s a big club and you ‘aint in it!”, and “The game is rigged folks!”, “It’s called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it!”

Well, if there is a heaven (which Carlin never believed in), he’s looking at Bill Maher right now and thinking: “WTF Bill? Did you not listen to a fucking thing I said?”

You see, Bill Maher, has either sold out and become the guy George Carlin hated without realizing it, or he’s become that guy and doesn’t care.

Either way, he’s “that guy”.

Bill Maher is not clueless. He’s not oblivious to the fact he’s become “that guy”, it’s a conscious decision.

He’s HBO’s Joy Reid, he’s CNN’s Neera Tanden. He’s, dare I say it, the guys George Carlin used to fucking despise and ridicule…

If you, like me, are an avid watcher of ‘Real Time’, you will know that Bill loves him some right-wing nutcases on his show. He won’t have a progressive on his show, no sir. he won’t ask Nomiki Konst or Nina Turner on his show. Last time he had Cornel West on they argued like it was the last days of Caligula.

He loves getting right-wing loonies on Real Time, though. He’s had Tomi Lahren, Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter on his show just this year, giving them a platform to an audience who would never really have heard of them.

That’s not to mention one-on-ones with guys who were guilty of war crimes during Bush’s admin and joking with them as if they were ‘best buds’, like Richard Painter….

If they are Right Wing, Bill loves ’em. “Give ’em a platform!”, Bill says, “they’ll fuck up eventually!”

And he’ll only have ‘liberal’ journalists on his show who toe the corporate line, such as Fareed Zakaria who thought Trump bombing Syria was ‘presidential’, or Katty Kay who any Englishman worth his salt knows is a corporate sellout and unworthy of the title, ‘journalist’.

Simply put: Bill does not seem to like like progressives, at all. And avoids having them anywhere near his show. Progressives are Bill Maher’s Kryptonite.

Imagine my delight then, when last week I heard Russell Brand was due to appear on his show.

Bill wouldn’t have a clue the path Russell has taken over the last few years. To Bill, he’s the English guy in the frilly shirt who was in some semi-decent movies but talked bollocks….I knew he was far more than that….

“Fucking lay it on him, Russell!”, I thought.

You see, up until the last couple of years, I did not like Russell Brand – at all. Russell Brand is thought of in the UK as an outlandish ex-drug addict that somehow made it big. We can’t stand him, at least I couldn’t. He made fun with the aid of Jonathon Ross of Manuel from Faulty Towers live on Radio.

He’s a fucking wanker. At least he was. He’s not anymore.

Since his split from Katy Perry and his disappearance from the Hollywood actor/elite realm, he’s kind of found himself, he’s reborn. He’s no longer the quick-talking wanker who spoke complete and utter bullshit, he’s the guy who hit rock bottom and is now fighting back.

He talks about politics, he talks about giving, about being all you can be. He’s found a deep and spiritual side to his persona without losing the ability to make a damn good point, and sees the world in a different light than he used to.

He’s the big dog that lost his platform and is now the underdog fighting back. And we like an underdog in the UK, especially when they are honest, which is what Brand is.

Now, he talks sense. He talks about being a better person. He talks about enlightenment, he talks about inequality and how we should all try to be better than we really are, and not in a preachy way either. Watch his recent podcast with Joe Rogan, you can’t fake being a decent guy for over 2 hours.

And Russell Brand is just that – a decent guy, who’s just finding himself yet realizing he also has a voice. Us Brits respect that.

Which is really disturbing for those, like me, who used to hate him. He keeps saying things which strike a chord with progressives like me who know he used to be all about himself and his fame, but has now changed. It’s both encouraging and disturbing in equal amounts.

He talks about how the systems in both the UK and US are set up to favor the elite…..he’s a voice for the unheard…..and he knows more about politics on both sides of the Atlantic than anybody realizes…

There’s no fucking way Bill Maher would have known that.

I knew he was going to, at some point, own Bill Maher. The only question was, would Bill allow it? Or would Russell just do what he does and continue talking over him until he got his point across?

I was not surprised by the outcome….as soon as Russell made a progressive point Bill tried to change the subject, and Russell just kept on talking. Bill tried to interrupt of course, and failed, but he had to get the last word in… bringing up Russell’s addictions – what a cunt!

PS: Russell owns Bill at around 2:40ish in this video.

And just in case you don’t think Maher was a cunt to him?

Russell went on that show to promote his new book, ‘Recovery – Freedom From Our Addictions’, so how many times did Bill mention it?

Zero. That’s how many.

Before you go:

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