A few years ago, a friend of mine posted a clip of Bill Maher talking about the drug crisis in America on her Facebook wall. The clip was called “The Government isn’t your nanny, it’s your dealer”, and wasn’t just laugh-out-loud funny, it was also 100% accurate.

I remember thinking at the time that I had not heard a comedian in America “telling it like it is” in that way since the late, great, George Carlin. As a result, I’ve followed Bill ever since. I’ve watched his TV and stand up shows whenever I could, and his docu-movie “Religulous” was, for me at least, absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend you watch that if you haven’t already, it’s a real eye-opener to the hypocrisy in religions of all kinds.

In short, I thought he was brilliant in everything he did. That is until just recently.

His shows on HBO’s “Real Time” in the last few weeks have been a real disappointment. First there was his interview with Elizabeth Warren, where Bill dismissed Warren’s statement that “the progressive agenda is America’s agenda” was wrong, stating that people voted for Trump instead of Hillary as proof.

The following week, he closed his show with his “new rules” segment as always, talking about how Hillary was the lesser of two evils and that he wanted liberal purists to, in his words, “Fuck off!”

He also made the case in the skit that we wouldn’t be turning the clock back on climate change had Hillary won the election. Well, that may be true Bill, but we certainly wouldn’t be moving forward at any pace either. Hillary was the 3rd biggest recipient of donations from big oil companies during the last election cycle, only Trump and Ted Cruz received more than her from them.

Then there was last week, where he gets into a slanging match with, of all people, Cornel West. Maher tried to make the case that 2 cops who had shot unarmed black men recently without recourse, would not have gotten away with it had Hillary Clinton been President.

When asked by another panelist, the great Neil DeGrasse Tyson, why Bill was still arguing about the last election, Bill replied, “because they haven’t learned a lesson which we need to learn to win the next election”.

WTF Bill. Have you lost your fucking mind?

The lesson that needs to be learned is this:


You cannot pick a corporate shill, a neo-liberal sellout and a so called “centrist” as a “progressive” candidate, and expect people to fall in line and vote for them. People’s eyes are wide open now as to the depth of the corruption within the American political system. People are no longer going to vote for the lesser of two evils. That option doesn’t inspire any body.

People are going to say “Fuck your slightly less shitty option and the horse you rode in on”, and stay away.

Seriously, if Coca-Cola made this advert on why you should drink it instead of Pepsi, would you?

Why doesn’t he understand this? Why does Maher not understand that there was no way in the last election to vote against Wall Street, there was no option on the ballot to vote against giant corporations, super-pacs, big oil or big pharma.

The argument that Hillary wasn’t as bad as Trump is a non-starter, very few people actually think that at all. As Cornel West said, “who is as bad as Trump?”

It’s not the voters in this situation who haven’t learned the lesson from the last election, it’s Bill fucking Maher and the corporate Democrats.

The corporate wing of the DNC, i.e. the people at the top, they don’t want change. They don’t want free college, a raise to the minimum wage or Medicare for all. They don’t want to see the banks broken up, money taken out of politics and the prison system or a move away from fossil fuel reliance. They don’t want any of these things even though polls show that the majority of the American people desperately want them – they can’t as they’d lose funding from their donors.

This is why the majority of Democrats do not talk about policy any more. This is why they can only make platitudes such as “we lead with our values”, “we put hope on the ballot” or constantly talk about Russia and Trump’s (supposed) ties to Putin.

The American people know all of these things, and are leaving the DNC in droves as a result.

I honestly cannot understand why he does not grasp this simple concept at all. I cannot think of a single reason why Maher would still be talking about how Clinton wasn’t as bad as Trump instead of jumping on the progressive train and riding it like Zorro. I truly hope that in the coming weeks Bill changes his tune, admits that he’s made a wrong turn and is willing to jump back onto the right path.

Just as I hope the DNC suddenly changes their rhetoric though, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

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