I see a lot of stuff online that pisses me off. There are days when I find myself shouting, “are you fucking kidding me?” at the computer screen like a deranged madman.

Fake news articles – they annoy the shit out of me. People who believe those fake news articles – they annoy me even more. In most cases, any person with half a brain could see they’re bullshit.

But what annoys me most at the current time is seeing people write the following phrase over and over and over again on Facebook and Twitter, or newsreaders recite it on Cable news as if it’s “fact”….

“Russians hacked the DNC server!” Or worse, “Russians hacked the election!”

Why do these people annoy me so much? Well, if you look at what we DO know for sure, there is absolutely NO proof that Russians were responsible for a hack on the DNC servers.

And if you look further into what we KNOW that DIDN’T happen, it is almost certain that no ‘hack’ took place. In fact, if this was all taking place in court, the jury would find beyond a reasonable doubt that no hack took place – and that actually, it was a leak.

You won’t hear much about this on CNN, of course. And there’s no way Rachel Maddow will do a ‘scoop!’ on it – her whole show seems to be built around a BS story of a Russian ‘hack’. She only needs to mention the word “Russia” in a promo to get an extra million sheep tune in.

I must admit, that I have always doubted that a hack happened at all. The reason I doubted it all along, was the DNC never released their server to be checked by the authorities. They refused to let the FBI or DHS anywhere near it.

That alone should make people ask, “Why not let the agencies with the best resources on the planet look at this attack on our democracy? What are you hiding?”

Furthermore, the only organization who has actually looked at the information on the DNC’s servers, is Crowdstrike – a private company they paid. And if you pay a company to prove something happened, their aim is to prove just that.

Crowdstrike may be a familiar name to you. That’s the cyber-security firm that had to revise and retract its statements on claims of Russian hacking a Ukrainian artillery app, which led to massive losses in Ukraine’s war against pro-Russian separatists.

Basically, Crowdstrike has form for releasing shitty information on hacking and blaming Russia for it. If I was the DNC and I wanted to blame Russia for a ‘hack’, they’d be my first point of call, too.

So, the DNC will let a private company with a history of wrongly blaming Russia for hacks look at their server, but not the FBI or Homeland Security?

Seems legit.

“Nothing to see here, folks. Just regular bullshit DNC stuff….”

Nobody ‘Hacked’ the DNC’s servers

An article in The Nation added fuel to the fire that DNC email dump was not the result of a ‘hack’ months ago. They didn’t do it by trumping up a conspiracy theory about Seth Rich, either. They did it with good old fashioned common sense, and a little bit of math.

If you are reading this, you are in front of some kind of electronic device that is connected to the internet. And if you have ever connected to the internet, the chances are that you have, at some time, downloaded something from the internet onto that electronic device.

Likewise, if you have a device such as a computer, laptop or tablet, you will no doubt have at some stage downloaded something, such as a file or video, to another device for transport – i.e. a portable storage device like a memory stick.

If you have done both of those things, you will know that transferring data from your computer to a device is much, much faster than downloading data from the internet.

Thanks to Forensicator, who looked at the transfer rate of the supposed “Russian hack”, we know how long it took for the transfer of the DNC files which were copied to be completed.

The metadata on the files now known as “NGP-VAN”, concluded that the operation took 87 seconds. That means the transfer rate of the documents would had to have been almost 23 Megabytes per second.

And if you are downloading something from the internet, that means that somewhere, they will need to be uploaded to it.

Are you on a fast internet? Can you upload files to the internet at that speed? I’m on a bloody fast internet connection, and I’ll struggle to get a 23 Megabytes per second download speed, let alone upload.

Try it, go on. I just did and the maximum I can get up to isn’t even in double digits, and my ISP is about the fastest commercial internet connection available in the UK. Bear in mind that with downloading from the internet, the further away you are from where the files are held, the slower the transfer speed will be.

The ONLY way for a download speed of 23 Megabytes per second for around 1975MB (almost 2 Gigabytes) of data, which was the size of the DNC files copied/stolen, was for the transfer to be done LOCALLY.

In theory, it would be possible for a hacker in the same time zone as the DNC HQ, who had access to a super-fast connection, to download the files at that speed. But that is only mathematically plausible, not probable. And it certainly isn’t possible for somebody in Russia to be getting that speed.

Now, for some context, go and transfer some data onto a memory stick or USB drive. While the transfer is in progress. take a look at the file transfer rate.

You’ll see it’s a MUCH faster transfer rate.

The establishment media responds

Now, of course when any information comes to light that disproves the Russia-hacking narrative that the establishment are pushing, their boys club are quick to dismiss it with ‘proof’ of their own.

The Hill and CIA-funded shitstain of a newspaper, The Washington post, were quick to come up with ‘theories’ on how the metadata could be tampered with, or how the files could have been hacked and then transferred. They did everything they could to disprove the information.

And hey, maybe there was some truth to what they said. Maybe the files were copied multiple times. Maybe the metadata was altered. After all, I’m no computer expert.

But here’s the thing….

There is a shit ton of evidence that points to the DNC was not hacked at all. If you need further convincing, read the brilliant Caitlin Johnstone’s 3-part “debunking Russiagate” article here. That’s basically a huge compendium of stuff that all points to the Russia story being total BS.

And while there’s a shit-ton of evidence that points to “Russiagate” being BS, there’s not a great deal of evidence proving that what we are being told is true. In fact, most of what we have been told is true so far that proves any Russian hacking, has been retracted – remember “17 agencies say Russia hacked us!”

Oh really? 17 agencies know we were hacked, you say? How the fuck would the US Coastguard know that?

The people who know for sure, have never lied to us

This is where the establishment narrative that Russia hacked the DNC/election falls apart.

You see, there are people outside the DNC that know for sure whether the emails which were released. And they are the people who actually published the information: Wikileaks.

And there’s something that Wikileaks have never done to us, that all the people screaming “Russia!” have: Wikileaks have never lied to us. They have never had to retract a story, either. So far, everything they have published has been proven to be 100% accurate and true.

And you cannot say that about the Washington Post, MSNBC or CNN. And you definitely cannot say the FBI or CIA have never lied to us. They lie to us on a daily basis. Sometimes enough to get us into wars that cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

Wikileaks though, have never confirmed the information they published was from a leak or a hack. But they have said, on multiple occasions, that they did not get the emails from Russia. If you look at previous information they have released where we know the source, it was from leaks, not from hacks. Go ask Chelsea Manning.

And if you’re still on the fence, ask yourself this….

Why is it called ‘Wikileaks’, and not ‘Wikihacks’?

Share Russigate-Busting info Everywhere

Don’t for a second think that I believe Trump isn’t in huge debt to Russia money, though. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump owes Russian banks millions – his family has admitted so. But any person who thinks Trump is intelligent enough to have colluded with Russia to win the election is deluded. The guy isn’t smart enough to do that, and he certainly isn’t smart enough to cover his tracks.

In conclusion, please share this article and any other stories like the ones I mentioned above everywhere you can. Whenever the situation arises, or you see somebody make a comment about Russia, or Putin hacking the election, just drop a link to this article in as a reply.

Because if I have to hear “Russia hacked the election” one more time, I am going to throw a hissy-fit!

Before you go:

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