I wonder what the percentage is of people who just read that title and thought, “are you insane? Trump is a fucking moron!”

I’m guessing that number is quite high. I’m betting most of you reading that title disagree with it, unless of course, you too are a moron and think Trump is doing a good job.

But, hear me out for a few minutes…

There is no denying on my part that Trump is a complete and utter idiot who makes George Bush look like Stephen Hawking. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years you look up the word “Moron” in the dictionary, it will just say “see: Donald Trump”.

I believe Trump is racist, homophobic, narcissistic Nazi who only cares about himself. I also believe that Trump at best is a serial sexual predator, and at worst he’s a rapist. Just my personal opinion, of course, however many others share it.

But all of these things are precisely why Trump IS the best thing to happen in American politics for decades.

The only good thing that has happened as a direct result of Donald Trump being elected, so far as I can tell, is people who have never really paid much attention to politics are now getting involved. They are all ears as to what the fuck could have happened in their country for a dotard (Great word, Kim Jong Un!) to become its leader, and want to do something about it.

People who have voted Democrat their whole lives have begun to ask why their party sucks so bad when it comes to winning elections. They want to know how the hell they can lose a thousand seats, the house, the senate, the Supreme Court AND the Presidency to a complete and utter imbecile imbecile in the last 8 years.

Others who have never voted before are wondering how the hell Trump could be in the Oval Office. And the younger generation, who have historically never really cared about politics, are suddenly waking up to the fact that their futures are being decided by a pussy-grabbing madman.

Questions are being asked all over America (and the rest of the planet) as to how the most advanced country in the world could have elected such a disgrace to humanity.

And those answers are not hard to find, though. Not if you look at the last 3-4 decades in U.S. politics:

Reagan ramped up the war on drugs throwing predominantly men of color in jail, then Bill Clinton privatized the prison system which allowed people to profit from those prisoners being unfairly locked up. Clinton also repealed Glass-Steagall, which allowed Bush to give free reign to the banks and crash the world’s economy. George Bush then gave huge tax breaks to the rich and sent Americans to die in 2 needless wars, then Obama made those tax cuts permanent and took the unnecessary (some would say, illegal) wars from two to seven.

If you actually looked at how each President has just built upon the mistakes of their predecessors, you could make a damn good argument that they are all doing it on purpose as part of a giant Machiavellian plan.

Trump didn’t rise to the role of President overnight. It took more than 3 decades for the US political system to get so corrupt that a man like Trump could become its leader. And people are now beginning to understand that corruption and neo-liberalism are to blame.

The Republicans have always been unfair and corrupt. I am no fan of theirs. I do see their viewpoints though, and to just dismiss them out of hand without listening to them and giving an alternative solution would be wrong. Saying, “vote for us, at least we’re not Republican” won’t inspire anyone to vote and is a losing strategy – just ask Hillary Clinton.

Actually, don’t bother asking Hillary, she’ll blame Bernie, or Comey, or Russia, or Wikileaks, or fake news….

It was the DNC’s job to counter the right-wing party with sensible, liberal politics. That is not what they do any longer, though. It is quite clear that the DNC has moved right of center during this time – and as they have moved further right, so have the GOP.

It is clear to anybody who looks at the last 4 decades, that the DNC is no longer the party of the working class. They are now the party of the liberal elite and the corporations that bribe them into doing their bidding.

They have sold out. They don’t care about you any more: They care about their donors, because without their donors’ bribes, they won’t be able to afford to get re-elected.

And that is what politicians care about most: Re-election.

It’s almost as if the Democrats don’t care about winning any more, as long as they get their funding. Nancy Pelosi’s answer to why she should be house minority leader in a recent interview was, “I raise the most money”.

One might argue, that the DNC is actually paid to lose.

All of the above may be bad news – but as a result, there is a lot of good happening as a result of Trump being elected

There is an argument that the DNC is dead, useless, stands for nothing and is not worth trying to fix. I hear that argument and perhaps a 3rd party, a new, progressive party is the way to go.

However, I live in the UK. I have seen how the people took back the Labour party in the UK first-hand, and how Democratic Socialism isn’t just putting up a good fight – it’s winning.

I know a hostile takeover of the DNC is possible as a result of that. All is not lost – at least not yet.

Organizations have started up in America with a view to taking back control of the DNC and returning the party to its left-wing roots. Movements such as Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats are running progressive candidates in Democratic primaries in 2018 against the worst offenders in the DNC. Progressive candidates are also standing up and fighting Republicans in blue states.

For instance; Joe Manchin, a guy so right wing he makes some Republicans look like Nina Turner, is facing a real fight against a wonderful lady called Paula-Jean Swearengin. With zero name recognition and TV coverage, she already has Manchin underwater in the polls, and has gained an impressive 10% support with a year to go in the fight.

If you follow Bernie Sanders, you’ll remember his heart-breaking conversation with Paula-Jean from a Town Hall he gave in Manchin’s West Virginia state earlier this year, well before she had even thought of running for Senate:

That’s quite an impressive lady, right there. Somebody who cares about her state and the people in it, and is willing to work night and day to fight for them. It says a lot about Bernie Sanders, too. He didn’t just take her contact details and do nothing – he sewed the seeds for something amazing to grow.

Jim Keady, who was told to “sit down and shut up” when he stood up to Governor Christie on behalf of Hurricane Sandy families, is running in New Jersey’s 4th district congressional race against Republican Chris Smith, a guy so concerned with the New Jersey that he’s actually been living in Virginia since 1983.

Watch his interview with Jimmy Dore below, he’s an extremely impressive guy who deserves our support:

This all sounds very encouraging, and it is. However, there is a major obstacle to these progressive candidates who are working night and day to try and take back control of the government from powerful organizations who bribe politicians into doing their bidding…..


You may say that money should not be an issue, and you would be correct. You may say that we should get money OUT of politics, not putting it in, and you would also be correct. Wolf-PAC is doing some fantastic work to make that happen via article 5 and a constitutional amendment.

However, as Keady points out in the above video, the political system at the moment is a battlefield, and money is the weapon that is currently being used to fight on it.

In order to win the fight against corruption and take back control of America, these candidates who are going into war need to be armed with the ammunition they need to win the battle.

And at the moment, money is the ammunition of choice.

These candidates first need funding to be able to get into office so they can work for you, instead of the people that are currently in power who only work for their corporate donors.

These people will not take corporate or PAC money, they know that is why politics in America is so messed up in the first place – so they need your support.

So please, if you hate Trump, if you hate what is happening in your country right now, if you hate what has happened to your democracy, consider giving a few dollars a month to their campaigns.

If you can’t afford to spare a few dollars a month to support them, then spread their message to people who can. Like our page and share this article and others like it as much as possible on Social Media. Get in touch with their campaigns and offer to give your time to help them.

Because if you do and these progressive candidates start being elected into office, then my prediction will come true:

Donald Trump will be the best thing to happen in US politics for decades, because the people will have finally noticed what has happened to their country, and they fought back….

….and won!

Support Brand New Congress Candidates here.

Support the Justice Democrats’ candidates here.

Before you go:

Polling has huge sway in how politicians think, and being active in it also brings other rewards. Barack Obama was against gay marriage, until polling showed the majority of Americans thought different and then he suddenly changed his mind.

So if you are in the US and Canada and have a couple of minutes spare, click this link, then simply fill out the information in the box, and confirm your email address. You’ll be ready to go after that.

And please, spread the word by liking our page and sharing this article everywhere you can – take back control of your democracy!

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