At the time of writing this, 59 people have been killed in a mass shooting in at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, with over 520 others wounded.

The chances are high that the final death toll will rise, with many still in critical condition or in the operating room. It will without doubt go down as the largest mass shooting in modern American history.

Armed with an arsenal of weaponry, a 64 year old white guy with obvious serious mental issues leaned out of a window of a hotel, and fired hundreds or perhaps thousands of rounds into a crowd of 22,000 people at a concert across the street.

In just 15 minutes, the lives of thousands of people were changed. The families of loved ones who perished will never be the same, as will the lives of those who survived, and the lives of the the first responders who heroically rushed into a scene of carnage.

It is hard to imagine what those people are having to deal with today. I wish I could do something to help them.

Mass shootings in America are not uncommon. A mass shooting is categorized as, ‘an incident where 4 or more people were killed, not including the gunman’. Annually, the US has more of these incidents than there are days in a year.

One would think then, with such an epidemic of gun violence that this issue would be all over the airwaves, all over the news papers and all over social media each and every day of the year. One would assume that every mass shooting gets the same coverage.

Sadly, it seems, only the really big ones get the coverage in the media that every mass shooting deserves.

And, as usual, when the press do cover a mass shooting, when horrific incidents like these are heatedly discussed on cable news and social media, the same question crops up time and time again.

“Should America have tighter gun laws?”

Here’s my problem with every single person right now arguing that question on every single media outlet in America:

It’s the wrong fucking question.

You see, 93% of all Americans agree that they should have tighter gun regulations. While social media is exploding right now with memes and comments on gun laws and which regulations they should have, they are all missing something plain to see:

You’re all arguing about an issue which you pretty much all already agree on. Even 72% of all members of the NRA agree there should be tighter gun regulations and background checks on the sale and purchase of firearms.

The lack of gun laws in America isn’t the problem, it’s the symptom. You’ve all been fooled into thinking that the symptom of the problem, is actually the problem. It’s not.

And, as always whenever there’s an issue in the United States, the real problem is this:

Your politicians are corrupt. Your elected officials have been bribed by the leadership of the NRA to do nothing. They have been given huge wads of cash in “donations” by gun manufacturers and lobbyists to make sure even the the most nutty of nutcases has zero problems in purchasing a semi-automatic rifle in America.

And it just so happens, that the person in government who profited the most in the last election cycle from pro-gun activist legal bribery, was the man at the very top:

Arguing about the gun laws in America is the wrong issue to be concentrating on. Unless the legal bribery of government officials is stopped, nothing of any note will change. If they keep getting “donations” like these, the politicians will keep the status quo.

That is what they are being paid to do: Nothing.

I know some of you reading this right now will be thinking there’s something else that you can do to change the gun regulations. I know some of you will be thinking, “this problem is too bad, they HAVE to do something this time, right?”

Well, to those people I will say this:

In 2012, 20 children aged between 6 and 7 and six of their teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school by a nutcase with his mom’s with a semi automatic rifle. Nothing of any note has changed since then with regards to the gun laws in America….

….so why on earth would anything change now?

What you can do:

Check out our guide on how you can get money out of politics HERE.

Also, polling has huge sway in how politicians think, and being active in it also brings other rewards. The more active you are in polling, the more rewarded you are. Most polling companies also give rewards based upon how many “points” you accumulate, usually in the form of gift cards.

In essence, you get rewarded for your time filling out a few questions, and also make your voice heard at the same time, shaping the future.

It really does make a huge difference.

So if you are in the US and Canada and have a couple of minutes spare, click this link, then simply fill out the information in the box, and confirm your email address. You’ll be ready to go after that.

And for heavens sake, stop voting for bribed politicians who only care about their re-election campaigns and who don’t give a shit what you think!

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