The neoliberal agenda which has swept America, and many other parts of the world, has been slow and steady in the last 30 years. 5 years ago few people knew what “neoliberal” meant, now it seems to be on every-ones lips. But, how did we get to this point? How is it we didn’t notice what was happening a decade ago?

Well, you know how if you put a frog in boiling water he’ll jump straight out, but if you put him in cold water and turn the heat up he’ll slowly boil to death? That frog is us, and we’re boiling in a pot full of neo-liberalism for over 30 years.

And the worst part of all this is, the neo-liberal agenda has provided us with the perfect conditions for a man like Trump to get into power – and he’s ramping up the heat to volcano-like levels.

While it’s nice to know the history and how we got here, what we need to focus on now is what we are going to do about it.

Who are the neo-liberals?

Today, we can also call neoliberals by a more common name; the oligarchy. Our oligarchy owns 77% of available U.S. currency, which is the main driver of income inequality. These plutocrats have bought our government and news agencies, making sure the version of events we hear is framed just the way they want it to be.

Many of us feel incapable of countering this neoliberal wave that’s taken over almost every aspect of our lives. We’ve watched as idolatry of the rich has brought about a persecution of the poor to justify the idolatry of the rich. It’s about the most destructive cycle we find ourselves in as it backs all that is neoliberal.

The cure to all of this is knowledge. Once we know what they are up to and how, unity built upon this knowledge will stop the lies that are perpetuated. Lies which are now at the point that most of us have no clue what the truth is.

The Cure for Neo-liberalism is Knowledge

The system we have is not called taxes and spending. In fact, it’s called MMT, modern monetary theory.

It’s a theory in the sense that gravity is a theory, in that it’s not a theory at all. It’s our economic reality. The United States of America is a monetarily sovereign nation, we can afford what we choose to afford. We can never go broke because we are the issuers of our currency.

We owe no debt in a currency other than our own. There’s two main con jobs that screw with our minds though, taxes and the national “debt.” I say “debt” because that total is not debt that we owe but a tally of available currency. It’s akin to saying you are in debt to yourself to the tune of 20 trillion because you lent yourself 20 trillion.

It makes no sense and is utterly absurd. We can’t owe money to ourselves, therefore we don’t owe at all.

So, the next time you hear the national debt be used as a tool to achieve a political end, know that it’s a lie.

Next is taxes. Most will be surprised to hear this, taxes DO NOT fund federal spending. All spending is created currency. Taxes are basically deleted to offset what’s been key-stroked into the system throughout the year.

Every budget, every bill, anything involving spending is done through created currency and NOT funded by taxes in any way. Nor does spending need to be offset with higher taxes or taking spending from other programs.

As long as we have available labor and resources we can afford to spend indiscriminately. Here is where many will say, “but hyper inflation is a surety then!” No, inflation is not a problem unless we are at or over 100% employment and no more resources are available.

The defense budget shows how taxes do not equal spending

Take the defense budget that was just passed as an example.

Congress approved $700 BILLION, the Fed and Treasury dole it out. Done. There were no shouts of “where will we find the money from?” like there were from both sides of the aisle on Bernie’s healthcare proposal, or Jill Stein’s promise to cancel student debt.

No, not with the budget for the military. No offset by cutting other programs, no taxes instituted to pay for it, because it’s not needed.

The same could be done today for healthcare, education, infrastructure, all of it. We can fund a country wide movement to change our energy grids to renewables, create millions of jobs doing so, and the economy would boom. We could credit every adult $12,000 today and within a year our economy would grow to the tune of 2 trillion.

This con that we are about to go broke or are putting debt on our grandchildren to pay off is a complete balls out lie, and the neoliberals/oligarchy know it. They know it because it’s their main tool to stay in and take more power.

Budgets have been the main source of redistribution of wealth to the top and cutting taxes is how they retain that wealth, hold it out of our economy and away from the 99% of us.

Should corporations pay more taxes and not less?

All of this is why we NEED, vitally need, higher taxes on the top and corps.

Taxation is what gives our currency value, without taxes there’s no reason to get or have our currency. Low taxes cause low currency value and also stops our monetarily sovereign nation from working for ALL of us, not just the oligarchy.

A higher tax rate on the top and corps allows currency to be pulled back in, keeping the dollar’s value, then be redistributed through spending where needed.

Like any program that’s a benefit to The People; Social security, healthcare, education, housing, food, and ultimately a federal job guarantee.

We are not getting poorer and struggling like we, anyone other than the top 10% and corporations, are due to lack of hard work or initiative! We work 20% longer hours and are 20% more productive than we were in the late 70’s, with a huge decrease in wages and increase in hours worked than the late 70’s as well.

All expenses have risen but not pay, not benefits, not job security, nothing to offset the whole. If we as The People can know and understand how our currency works then act in unity to make our currency power work for all we may have a fighting chance.

This is why Trump’s tax bill is a terrible idea

The tax bill that’s about to pass is, most likely, the death nail in the coffin of ‘We The People’ as it allows the oligarchy to suck up and hold over 90% of available currency, ensuring that their power will go unchecked and ‘The People’ then become ‘We The Indentured Servants of the Oligarchy.’

If there’s ever a platform that we can use to stand united it’s this one!

Look at how much damage has been done to us, the normal folk, all through the con jobs of low taxes, national “debt”, trickle down economics, and give the “job creators” all the breaks so they will then benevolently employ the rest of us. In the first 7 yrs of Obama’s terms the 1% net worth grew by $1.4 trillion, that’s on top of what they started with.

And what about jobs? Nada, except for low wage, low hours jobs that caused us to find 2 and 3 low paying jobs, while holding degrees, just to make ends meet.

It’s sick.

All with tens of thousands in student loan debt and no healthcare because of it all. We are already slaves to laws and legislators who serve the oligarchy and want to see the rest of us beholden to it so the oligarchy can keep on keepin’ on.

How this knowledge will change the political landscape

I hope you all hung in to the end of this article to get the truth. This isn’t a political ideology or slant of any kind. This is how our currency works and if we all knew it we can get it working for us too!

Think how differently a libertarian who votes that way because they want taxes abolished, would they still vote that way if they knew that abolishing taxes would make the dollar have no value? Think of every person who votes for “fiscal responsibility” to lower the national debt or lower taxes. Would they still vote that way if they knew that it’s not debt that we owe?

This knowledge is power. Power that ‘We The People’ desperately need.

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