This is not “fake news”. We don’t do that shit here. That headline is 100% true.

The last 3 presidents of the United States have refused an offer by North Korea to cease the expansion of their missile and nuclear weapons programs.

Go Google it right now if you don’t believe us.

Then, after you’ve confirmed the statement to be true, try to find a mainstream American news outlet who reports it. You might find something by VOX, the NewYorker or Al Jazeera, but you’ll struggle to find something by the Washingtonpost or NYT, I betcha.

While you’re doing that, see if you can find an article where they imply Russian bots infiltrated the 2016 election.

Our guess is you will find about 2 pages that prove our statement to be true, and 2 million pages about “Russian interference” in the 2016 election.

You see, if you get your info from cable news, you won’t be aware of this. You won’t be ‘woke’. It doesn’t matter which channel you watch, you are observing propaganda in action.

The planet is almost on the verge of a nuclear war right now, yet this is what you will generally see if you switch on any cable news channel, at any time of the day:

MSNBC will have a loop of how Russia is to blame for every problem in the history of the world. FOX will be preaching that if you kneel when the anthem is playing during a football game you should be shot, and CNN will have an expert on one side with 600 qualifications in dentistry, and a fucking lunatic on the other who pulled his 8 year old daughter’s tooth out with a piece of string and a chair who believes the concept of dentistry to be a communist philosophy, while Anderson Cooper is in the middle of the screen saying fuck all but in his head shouting, “FIGHT!”.

It’s true. Think about it. While your country is on the brink of nuclear war, it’s arguing whether a black man sitting down during the national anthem is “un-American”.

The media has blinded you and changed the narrative, now it’s not about racism, it’s about Patriotism.

But, “if what you say is true, what did North Korea want in return?”, I hear you ask.

Do they want America to verify Kim Jong Un scored a 38 under par in his first ever round of golf? Do they want the US to confirm he could drive a car when he was three, or that he does not posses an anus?

No, they do not want any of these things.

All North Korea ask is this:

“The United States and South Korea suspend military activities in the region”.

That’s it. That is their only request, and America has refused for 20 years.

Now, you could argue that DPRK have reneged on previous promises which is why America is so averse to complying with their requests. You could argue that the problem, really, is China. And you could argue that military maneuvers in the region are of extreme importance….

But to all those questions I would retort, “are those priorities more important than letting two madmen inflict nuclear war on the planet?”

Just think about it, for one god damn minute. And before you do, think about this…..

Who benefits from war?

Is it the soldiers, who are usually low-income and of ethnic minorities, who fight the wars and die? Is it the people who inhabit the country at war, such as Iraq or Afghanistan who have seen 1.5 million people perish as ‘collateral damage’? Is it the terrorists, who are just looking for an excuse to bomb shit up?

Or, just maybe, is it the people at the top 1% in the West who own shares in Raytheon, Halliburton and countless other companies who profit from destruction? Is it these people who BRIBE the government officials with campaign ‘donations’ into doing their bidding for them?

You are not being told the truth. You will not hear this on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow will not do a segment on it, she’s busy trying to link Russia to the Kennedy assassination. CNN won’t give you the facts, either. Jake Tapper is about the best on there, and he won’t dare tell you NK has offered peace – he’ll just rag on Hillary for blaming everyone else for her loss after saying she takes “full responsibility”.

And FOX? Well, they’ll just say it’s all to do with racism, and racism wasn’t an issue until Obama was elected. It’s all that fucker’s fault, and by the way, Santa was a white dude, and we should all say “Happy Christmas”, instead of “Happy Holidays”.

Switch off your TV. Unsubscribe from cable news. If you don’t, you’re part of the system, and part of the fucking problem.

Those mother fuckers in the media are your enemy. They are infecting your minds with propaganda – it’s not Russian bots. It’s your own establishment.

For fuck’s sake America, wake up!


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