Before ‘the left’ give me a shitload of abuse for writing that title (and therefore prove my point in the process), let me explain something:

I’m not saying here, that the right are not guilty of making personal attacks of their own. That would be ridiculous. I have gotten myself into many arguments over the years with Conservatives, and a section of them are nothing short of pure evil. There are countless times I remember debating with their nonsensical ideas on ‘trickle-down’ bullshit, only for the conversation to spiral into a whirlwind of personal abuse.

The way they differ from the left in their arguments though, is you will rarely find them attacking each other. Trump supporters are generally on the same page with each other. Just look at how they all stick together in congress and the senate. They realize they are on the same side and reserve their hate and vitriol for their enemy: ‘liberals’.

I don’t know whether the left has always been a hateful bunch, or whether the events of 2016 have made them that way. But right now there is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to personal attacks on social media, they are worst culprits.

Liberals will hate on anyone, regardless of their political position. Republicans just hate the liberals

You see, they don’t reserve their hate for Republicans. They don’t limit their attacks to  the opposition. With ‘liberals’, it doesn’t seem to matter where you are on the political spectrum – you’re fair game as soon as you disagree with them on any issue.

For instance, a while ago I wrote an article on How Rachel Maddow was implying on her show, that Russian bots spreading fake news in Facebook groups were responsible for Bernie Sanders becoming so popular during the Primaries.

In that article, I made what I thought was a bloody good argument that she was wrong. Every point I made I had fact-checked multiple times. I even linked to sites that actually taught the “clickbait” method online, and why it appealed to Internet Marketers in Eastern Europe more than their Western counterparts.

The article was truthful, backed up by evidence and provided plenty of context. I was extremely proud of it. I still am.

Once the article was written, I looked for a place to share the article in to see what reaction it got. I eventually chose a group called, “We the People” on Facebook, as their header image was one of JFK next to the quote “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”.

“If any bunch of people are going to be informed about how the mainstream media are manufacturing consent over Russia, it will be this one”, I thought.

How fucking wrong I was.

I was called a “Russian agent”, a “Putin Bot” and a “Troll” among other ridiculous names. People in the group started trying to dig up information on me from the internet they could use to attack my integrity, and even claimed I had no right to my opinion because, “You don’t even live in America! Fuck off, Limey!”

In the end I had to delete my share to avoid more attacks, but it didn’t stop there. One member then made a post in the group as to why I was a Russian agent and should be booted from the group, which led to a gang of them trying to dig up more stuff on me online and demanding I was banned – I actually had to make my case to the owner of the page to stay there.

That was my first insight into just how fucking bitchy (and ignorant) people on the left can be.

And the sad thing is, it seems to have gotten worse since.

If a troll shouted hate speech in a forest….

Just yesterday I noticed a comment made by Katie Hopkins on Twitter that was sparking outrage. If you don’t know who she is: Firstly, lucky you! And secondly, she’s basically the UK’s version of Ann Coulter.

This was the Tweet in question:

As per usual with Ms Hopkins, she sent that Tweet in order to get one thing and one thing alone: Attention.

In that sense she’s almost identical to Ann Coulter. There’s no doubt in my mind she knew the response she would be getting to it, and sure enough it had the desired effect.

She knew that people on the left would think she was making a mockery of the #metoo campaign – and there’s no doubt she was. Katie also knew it would be the catalyst for a torrent of abuse and more column inches in the Daily Mail, more exposure, and ultimately opportunities to make more money.

I nearly replied to it by telling people to stop giving her what she wanted, which is the oxygen to spread her hate. But then I stopped and thought for a minute what she was actually saying in it. You see, just like Ann Coulter, Katie Hopkins can occasionally have a point.

The obvious trolling of the #metoo campaign aside, which has been empowering for women who have suffered at the hands of sexual abuse to come forward, that Tweet actually raises a few questions.

Firstly – isn’t it quite common in relationships for sex to be used as a bargaining chip? Hundreds called Hopkins a “whore” for saying what she did, but does that mean all women who have promised to give their partner a BJ in exchange for them doing something they didn’t want to do a whore as well?

If that is the case, every single one of my exes were definitely prostitutes.

And secondly – What about all the cases with Weinstein where the woman was happy to give him something in return for a better career? If every time he did what he did he was turned down, would he continue with his actions? Maybe, however…..

I think you would need to be extremely naive to think that no women had thought, “Oh well, he’s disgusting, but it’ll be over in 10 minutes and I’ll get a role in a Miramax movie!” My guess is at least as many who have gone public with his despicable and indefensible actions were happy to take him up on his offer, probably a lot more.

Had I not read that Tweet, that thought probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

Also – and this is a side-note, why is it Weinstein was shamed and shunned when more than a dozen women accused him of sexual abuse, but somebody else who had as many serious allegations made against him go on to President of the United States?

It made me think, did that tweet. So I made the horrible mistake of replying:

“People get outraged sometimes when she says things like these because she’s such a troll, but if you think about it, it’s quite clever.”

Well, that was a mistake, apparently.

Within an hour I had a dozen people saying I was, “a misogynist”, “an ignorant arsehole”, “an imbecile”, “fucking cunt!” and one even said, “He’s probably a sex offender himself!”

While I admit my comment didn’t exactly make myself clear on how I thought, was that level of abuse warranted?

At no point did I condone anything that Katie Hopkins had said. I didn’t attempt to minimize any pain these women suffered and neither did I say anything negative against the #metoo campaign at all.

However, the level of abuse that came my way was definitely unwarranted. Not just in response in the thread, but also in private messages.

And don’t think for a second that this abuse is limited to subjects of sensitive or serious nature. I have received countless attacks from ‘liberals’ for merely pointing out that it was proven months ago that the DNC was not ‘hacked’ by Russia. (In fact, that’s the subject of my next article…)

I’ve also seen a level of hate thrown people’s way that is borderline gruesome if they point out that Obama wasn’t the hero some people think he was. And the anger shown on the left between those who don’t believe Russia colluded with Trump and those who do, is quite frankly, saddening.

Then there’s the level of hypocrisy some liberals show.

They say they want free speech, then riot on a campus when a right wing idiot like Milo is booked to do a speaking event. They said, “disrespecting your President is treason!” when Obama was in power, yet now they do exactly the same thing when the next guy enters the oval office.

Actually, scratch that last point – Fuck Trump! Let’s make a better point….

They declare that they abhor capitalism, while standing in line overnight to get the new iPhone, sipping a half-fat latte from Starbucks.

And I’m not the only one who has noticed this worrying epidemic.

Joe Rogan, who has 2 million plus subscribers on his YouTube podcast channel has sad on multiple occasions that the left are the worst when it comes to hateful criticism. He once received a torrent of abuse from ‘liberals’ just because he made a flippant remark that he thought chiropractors were all quacks.

When Carrie Fisher sadly died in late 2016, Steve Martin wrote this about her on Twitter:

Not much wrong with that, right? Wrong! Liberals said it was as sexist, as he commented on Carrie’s looks, first. He eventually deleted the Tweet and made an apology, such was the level of criticism he got for it.

What the fuck was he meant to do, liberals? Close his eyes whenever she was on screen and not notice her beauty until he had met her and found out she had a wonderful personality?

And this is what ‘liberals’ do. They grab a hold of something that outrages them, however minor, and before long thousands are ganging up on guy for saying something nice about a woman he loved. A woman who probably would have just said, “thank you”, like a normal person would.

The saddest part is, these leftist social justice warriors actually bullied a 71 year old man into deleting a message of condolence. Great job, ‘liberals’!

I honestly don’t know whether the left have always been this vicious, vindictive and full of fake outrage, or whether the events of 2016 (hereby known as the worst fucking year in history) stirred it all up. I think probably the latter is true.

But one thing is for sure, it cannot be allowed to continue.

Because if it does, the left is travelling down a dangerous road. A road which ends in a lost, dark valley somewhere….

….with bigoted right-wing religious nutcases looking down on them from the moral high ground.

Before you go:

Polling has huge sway in how politicians think, and being active in it also brings other rewards. Barack Obama was against gay marriage, until polling showed the majority of Americans thought different and then he suddenly changed his mind.

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