I love American TV shows. They are my guilty pleasure. Nothing makes me happier than having a free day to just lounge on the couch and watch a full Season of Game of Thrones in 10 hours. In my underpants. Eating pizza.

The trouble is though, there’s not a huge amount of quality shows around. And any shows that I do consider to be good, usually get cancelled after one or two seasons. And of course, while many shows I have enjoyed were pulled from air after a couple of seasons, others which are complete crap as far as I’m concerned, are renewed seemingly every year.

Just last year, “Limitless” was cancelled after one season, which was really quite enjoyable. While that was cancelled, “Supergirl” got renewed for a 3rd season, and that was complete and utter crap. The first 5 minutes of the opening episode of “The Newsroom” alone was better than the entire 6 seasons of “Lost” – yet somehow that was cancelled after 3 seasons. Well, granted it did go gradually downhill after that first 5 minutes, but it kinda had to.

Watch the clip below if you haven’t seen it already – it is epic!

While this does annoy me somewhat as I am now left binge-watching the entirely average “Walking Dead” on my days off, it does explain to some degree how “The Rachel Maddow Show” can be the most-watched ‘news’ show on American cable.

The Rachel Maddow Show – Niger deaths explained

If you have read my previous article on Rachel Maddow, you will no doubt have realized I am not exactly her biggest fan. To be honest, I have almost stopped watching her entirely. There are only 3 shows she has done this year I have seen, which I only endured because everyone was talking about them.

The most recent of which, was 2 days ago.

On the show in question, Rachel’s topic was the U.S. Green Berets who were ambushed in Niger, which led to four being killed in action.

I know, right? A Rachel Maddow episode that doesn’t cover Russia? This has gotta be something serious…..

Well, Rachel Maddow thinks she has cracked the case. She thinks she knows what is to blame for the deaths of these four U.S. soldiers. She also believes it’s the reason why Trump has not made a statement on the attack that led to their sad deaths.

I’ll try and patch the way Rachel narrates her ‘story’ together here, and put it in some sort of timeline. This will be difficult as you no doubt know that Rachel jumps around in her narrative in order to weave her magic and “join the dots”.

It all starts around the middle of September, when the African country Chad, which borders Niger, is added to Trump’s ‘Muslim travel ban’. Nobody can understand why this happened at the time, but this is where it all started.

Whatever caused Chad to get on the travel ban list though, Rachel goes on to heavily suggest, is the reason four soldiers ultimately died.

And if you think that’s bad, you ‘aint heard nothing yet. Not only was it the reason for these brave heroes deaths, but it might be why America has just had, “four horrible, gut wrenching, emotional days.”

Four days where Trump has done everything he can not to talk about Niger. In fact, Rachel Maddow implies that Trump would rather lie about past Presidents not calling the widows of fallen soldiers than talk about it. It was all a smokescreen, she is suggesting….

She implies Trump had even caused outrage on purpose by telling a fallen soldier’s widow, “he knew what he signed up for”, in order to misdirect the press. All of this, just so he didn’t have to make a statement about Niger.

This was just the teaser to her show, though. And as any watcher of her show will know, the next segment is how she got to this conclusion.

Rachel then goes on to tell the background to her report. She does it all with the aid of some fancy graphics, covering some history of Africa and it’s fight with Islamic extremists. Here’s the basis of the picture she is painting. Here’s the highlights in bullet-points:

  • Chad borders Niger, in the continent of Africa.
  • About 1,000 American troops are in Niger
  • Africa is really, really big. Niger is just one country in it and is twice the size of France alone
  • Timbuktu, in Mali (different country bordering Niger), got over-ran by Islamic extremists a few years ago.
  • Mali is a French territory, so the French flew in and kicked terrorist butt, but they weren’t alone – the Chad army helped.
  • The Chad army are bad-asses, apparently, and they fight Islamic extremists everywhere in Africa. “All the experts say” Chad troops are the bestest fighting force in Africa, says Maddow.
  • Boko Haram came into Niger once from Nigeria, but Chad kicked their asses back to Nigeria.
  • Chadian troops are awesome, they’re the best.

OK, with me so far? Did I mention that Rachel says “all the experts” think the Chadian army are bad-asses?

They’re the ‘Super-bad, bad-ass Chads!’. Or at least that’s what Maddow wants you to believe. The way she presents her case, you’d think these guys were dressed in spandex and all had capes.

Well, when Chad was put on Trump’s Muslim travel ban back in September, the next week they started moving out of Niger. This started around the 29th, and took 2 weeks to fully happen. They finally completed their withdrawal on around 13th October.

But, in this time, those nasty Boko Haram buggers, who the Super-bad Chads were fighting in Southern Niger, started becoming more active. They sensed the heroes of the legendary army of Chad were leaving, and immediately started stirring up some trouble.

And as a result of it all, four U.S. soldiers were killed.

WOW! No wonder President doesn’t wanna talk about it! Troops killed by Isis, because the Super-bad Chad army withdrew from Niger? All because their country made it onto the Muslim travel ban?

But wait? Why is Chad on the travel ban? What could possibly cause this lunacy? Didn’t Trump realize the whole of Africa would be over-run if the Super-bad Chadian army withdraws from Niger!? This is madness!! Think of the children!!

Well, as it happens – there’s a reason Chad was put on the travel ban. And if you remember the start of this story: Whatever caused Chad to get on the travel ban, is the reason four U.S. soldiers ultimately died.

And that reason is….drum roll…..

The reason 4 U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger, according to Rachel Maddow, is the country of Chad ran out of special paper to make its passports.

I know, it sounds ludicrous. But if you follow along with Rachel’s narrative, that is exactly what she is proposing.

As it turns out, it seems Chad actually are on the Muslim travel ban because they ran out of paper for their passports. Apparently, the 50 day period that countries were given, weeks before all this happened, to give the Trump administration a sample of their countries’ passports ran out before Chad could get the special paper to make one.

But why Rachel Maddow would try to connect that with soldiers dying is anyone’s guess. It’s a preposterous theory. However, it gets worse. When you look at the route she took to get there, there are holes all over Rachel’s little plot-line.

For a start, there’s no proof the super-bad Chadian army were withdrawing from Niger because of the Muslim ban at all. And even if they were moving out because of it, they were only four days into a two-week withdrawal process when the U.S. soldiers were killed.

Add to that, the U.S. soldiers were killed almost 800 miles away from where the Chadian army were based, and an already ridiculous train of thought starts to fall apart. Also, ISIS were responsible for the ambush, and the Chadians weren’t fighting ISIS in Niger. The Chadians were fighting Boko Haram, hundreds of miles away from the U.S. troops.

Then there’s the reports which suggest there’s been an uptick in violence in the area for over a year, not just in the two weeks it took for the Chadians to withdraw, which is what Maddow was heavily implying.

There are so many holes in the plot-line that Rachel creates, that if it was a TV show, you would think it was ridiculous. But people continue to watch it anyway, It’s the number one rated ‘news’ show in America. It’s a terrible show, that just keeps on going….which brings me nicely back to the beginning of this article…..

What, you didn’t think I was talking about shitty TV shows living longer than good ones on American TV for nothing, did you?

The “Rachel Maddow Show” is exactly what it says it is:
A show

Rachel Maddow is a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who thinks she’s a “reporter” or “journalist” is sadly mistaken. She’s the liberal version of Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh.

This is not a ‘news’ show. It’s just a show.

It’s almost as if the team behind it take two things and say, “if we connected those two things together, we’d get some fantastic ratings!”

Which is the only thing “The Rachel Maddow Show” seems to care about, ratings. It certainly isn’t journalistic integrity that is their main focus. Granted, I’ve only seen three editions of the show this year, but they have been the ones most talked about.

And this edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, was arse-gravy of the worst kind.

The trouble with the bloody show is, it’s so terrible, it’ll probably go on forever…..

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