Rachel Maddow, one of the most popular “journalists” on MSNBC, is fast becoming the biggest joke in the media. We like her, well, we used to. Back when she was covering Standing Rock she seemed like a pretty decent human being. But she seems to have taken a turn in the wrong direction lately, only pushing stories which affirm the corporate DNC’s narrative or boost her viewing figures.

First there was her ridiculous hype about Trump’s taxes on Twitter. “We have Trump Taxes! Seriously!”

All it turned out to be was a 25 minute lead-in to a “scoop” on Trump’s tax returns, attempting to connect the dots between Trump and Russia, followed by her revealing a 2005 two-page 1040 that showed Trump paid $36 million in tax.

This was the year he married Melania, who needed a green card. His taxes had to be squeaky clean that year. We have no proof of who leaked that 1040 of course, but ask yourself this: “Who benefited the most from leaking those documents?”

And now, there’s her most recent report on how Russian “bots” split the vote in the DNC primary, by infiltrating Bernie Sanders groups on Facebook and posting fake anti-hillary stories.

Since Maddow seems to like to report on matters she knows very little about and has no proof of, we’ve decided to set the record straight.

You see, we know a thing or two about Facebook Group Marketing. The owners of this website have been doing it for years with other sites. It is a very simple way to make money, if you know what you’re doing.

To prove this, we’re going to lift the lid on the real reasons these anti-Hillary posts started showing up in Facebook groups during the primaries.

Spoiler alert: It has fuck all to do with trying to affect the outcome of the DNC primary.

First of all though, before we do that, an important question needs to be asked:

How does Maddow think, that any anti-Hillary story in a pro-Sanders Facebook group, is going to make any difference to the vote count? How on Earth would that make any difference at all?

Think about it. These people are already in pro-Sanders groups. Therefore, they must kinda like the guy to start with. Does Maddow seriously think any fake (or true) articles attacking Hillary will make these people vote for Sanders even more than they were going to in the first place somehow?

That makes no sense whatsoever. Surely if you want to sway the vote in Sanders’ favor, you would post anti-Clinton stories in pro-Clinton groups, right?

Secondly, and this is the important fact, is her assertion that these are Russian “bots” spreading propaganda. It’s wrong, 100% wrong, not based in any fact at all, and we’re going to prove it.

Blackhatworld, the largest internet marketing forum on the planet, has literally thousands of threads that teach how to gain clicks from Facebook groups. It has been so for many years, and has well over a million members, most of which make their money online.

The most popular thread regarding Facebook Group methods on the platform by far, is this one called “If I can make $189 on Facebook, you surely can“. That thread teaches how to set up a news site, post stories on it which are designed to gain the most amount of clicks, and then post links to those articles on Facebook Groups in order to gain the traffic.

That thread has dozens of comments with instruction on how setting up fan groups and gain members. This practice is beneficial to IM’ers, as it is much easier to spread your “fake news” in a group you own.

The thread then goes on to teach other IM’ers (Internet Marketers) how to monetize the traffic they get from the groups.

This is usually done in the guise of a fake news article, skewed towards selling a particular product or service. The ways which people make money from these websites are endless.

Some offer CPA offers, which pay a referrer money every time they send an internet user to their site which buys their product. This is by far the trickiest way to monetize a website though, as most CPA networks are very strict on the ways you can promote a product. Fake stories are usually a no-go here.

Other IM’ers prefer to give an ebook away for free on their site in return for signing up via email, so they can build up a “list”, and then send them offers through email. This takes time though, and IM’ers on the whole are an impatient breed.

By far the most popular, and easiest methods to make money from this web traffic, is by including “native ads”, or Adsense to their site.

Native ads pay per click. So, if someone comes to a page and clicks an ad sponsored by these companies, the website owner gets a small payment in return. This payment varies from ad to ad, but the average is usually around 10c-20c per click.

Popular native ad networks are Taboola and Outbrain. Take a look at the pic below, you’ll no doubt be familiar with them, they are absolutely EVERYWHERE on the internet, even major news sites.

sample of “native ads” which are found on many sites on the internet

Adsense, is slightly different. They pay per “impression”. Every time a visitor hits a page which has an adsense code on it, an impression is made. Webmasters get paid fractions of a cent for each impression, so more traffic = more money.

The above also explains why many fake news sites originate in Eastern European countries such as, as Maddow suggested in her ridiculous report, Macedonia and Albania.

5000 visitors a day may sound like a lot (it is), however you don’t really get a lot in return for that traffic. 5k visitors, if a website’s ads are optimized well, would only get about 150 clicks on a native ad.

If the average click is worth 0.15c, that’s less than $25. With Adsense, the income would be even less.

To you and I, $25 a day may seem to not be worth the effort. However, in a country like Albania, it’s a goddam fortune!

So, the key to making any kind of real money, is mass volume. And this is why the majority of IM’ers go down the route of fake news articles that are intended to shock.

They know that a fake story on how Hillary Clinton set up a pedophile ring in the basement of a Pizzeria, is going to get a shitload more views in a Facebook group than one covering her policy on healthcare.

Facebook have become quite strict on spam in the last 2 years on their platform though. They don’t allow one account to post the same link over and over again, so in order to get around this so they can post links in groups with mass volume, internet marketers use fake accounts that connect to Facebook through proxies.

These accounts are then loaded into bots like Facedominator, which can then automate the whole posting process.

Basically, the only part of Maddow’s story that was accurate, was that bots were used in these groups. They are not “Russian bots” though, just bots used by people, many of which reside in Eastern Europe and Asia, who are trying to make money.

So, it wasn’t Russian bots that interfered with the primaries, it was people in Eastern European countries which made money from Adsense or native ad placements.

And, here’s where Maddow’s theory that Russian bots attempting to affect the outcome of the primary falls to pieces.

Go to any pro-Clinton group during that period, and you will find a ton of fake anti-Sanders articles. Go to any during the election and you’ll find fake anti-Trump articles posted. And guess what you’d find in pro-Trump groups during the election? Yup, you guessed it, stories on how Clinton presided over a pedophile ring and had a secret service agent she was having an affair with shot.

Sure, Russian Bots were all over Social Media last year, Twitter was full of them. But Facebook groups? There were bound to be some for sure, but they were mostly guys trying to make some money.

The most infiltrated Facebook groups last year were not Bernie supporting, they were Trump supporting and Hillary groups. Those were the groups with the most active people, those were where the “clicks” could be found. It became such an issue, Mark Zuckerberg even had to add a “report as fake news” function to his social media platform to combat it.

That story doesn’t fit Maddow’s narrative though. There’s no story there that she could connect to Russia, which is all she seems to want to do lately.

She knows, just like the IM’ers who post fake stories in order to get clicks, that if she mentions the words ‘Russia’ or ‘Trump’s Taxes’, her viewing figures sky-rocket.

If you think about it, both MSNBC and CNN only want to focus on Russia at the moment. Why are they doing that? Ratings, perhaps?

There very well could be a connection between Trump and Russia of course. There does seem to be an awful lot of smoke. To be honest, we’d be surprised if there wasn’t a connection, however…

If they really wanted to go after Trump, there’s far more evidence to be found in Trump’s business dealings which would lead to impeachment. So why are they not doing that? Why not look into his many business dealings instead?

We’ll look into the reasons for that in our next article, it will be quite an eye-opener.

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