In the latest episode of Bill Maher’s show on HBO, which I assume will be changing it’s name next week to “State TV Time”, Bill proved himself to be exactly what he is:

An elitist neo-liberal sellout who is so full of himself he doesn’t have the common decency to admit when he’s wrong.

In a week that included Donna Brazile’s explosive revelations about rigging in the Democratic primary, I fully expected Bill to finally address the situation.

Maher has denied over and over that the Democratic primary was rigged in Clinton’s favor. He has said time and again that Hillary Clinton won fair and square, and Bernie Sanders supporters have nothing to be pissed about.

“She won, he lost, get over it”, was Maher’s position on the matter.

So I was looking forward to Bill finally addressing the situation with the conversation it deserved. In light of DNC interim chair, Donna Brazile, admitting that the primary was rigged after all, I was looking forward to Maher eating a huge helping of humble pie on live TV.

If he did that, at least I could start respecting him again. Even if I didn’t think he was that funny any more.

Opening Monologue

No mention of the Democratic Primary or Donna Brazile here. “He must be saving the big story for later”, I thought.

Instead, Bill talks mostly about Trump visiting Asia for 12 days.

Trump, in Asia. We all knew where this was going.

Cue a string of “jokes” about Trump’s MAGA hats being made there, him only travelling there to study the great ‘wall’ for research and an obvious joke about Vietnam and bone spurs.

Not exactly Maher’s best work ever.

Although to be fair, he does have to do this show every week. It must be difficult to fit in time to come up with a few jokes in-between getting stoned and banging hookers.

That’s not me being condescending of Bill’s lifestyle, that’s me being jealous.

The Panel

After a completely forgettable interview with a retired Army Colonel, where Bill tried to scare us all that Russia is preparing to nuke the Western world at any moment, we’re introduced to his “panel”.

The panel of “Real Time” this week was made up of Rob Reiner, who I kinda like, Christina Bellantoni, who I’ve never heard of, and Jeffrey Lord.

Ugh. Jeffrey Lord.

A man so blinded in his bias towards the GOP that Anderson Cooper once told him, “The President could take a dump on his desk and you’d defend him!”

Bill immediately shows Lord a clip of Donald Trump saying, “I have nothing to do with Russia”, and asks him that in light of recent developments surrounding Paul Manafort’s arrest if Trump’s statement is a “bald faced lie” at this point.

Rightly, Lord points out that Manafort’s was indicted for lobbying activities, and had nothing to do with Russia or Trump.

Score one for Jeffrey.

Maher then goes on to make a false claim about Hillary’s emails being “hacked”, when in fact they were leaked, before the subject moved on to Facebook ads effecting the election – a story we debunked just a few days ago.

Did you hear that?

Bill Maher actually said, “…people don’t know that they’re repeating propaganda.”

No shit, Sherlock.

Maher’s repeatedly said Russian ads on Facebook swung the election – False. He’s said Manafort’s indictment was to do with Russia when it was for lobbying activities unrelated to Trump – False. And he’s again stated the now fully-debunked myth that, “17 agencies said Russia hacked the election.”

Maher actually said, “…people don’t know that they’re repeating propaganda”, while regurgitating multiple examples of deep-state propaganda.

The irony is so bad, Alanis Morisette should write another song about it.

By the way – great point there by Jeffrey Lord. The Chinese have in fact hacked the Whitehouse as well as multiple US government agencies. I don’t remember this sense of outrage about that. Especially as the CIA does exactly the same thing on a daily basis.

New Rules Segment

So, after 45 minutes full of people talking complete bollocks, we get to the “new rules” segment.

Surely then, in a week where the biggest political story was the interim chair of the DNC admitting the Democratic Primary was rigged, Maher would make the most famous segment in his show about it, right?


Instead, he gives us all a lecture on the fact that driving movies are complete garbage.

Are you kidding me?

An entire show and Maher didn’t mention the biggest story of the week by far? Just because it would have proven past statements from him as false?

He didn’t even mention any DNC Primary rigging on Overtime on YouTube, either.

It gets worse, though.

In an entire hour of a political talk show, the person I found myself agreeing with the most, was Jeffrey fucking Lord!

It’s official. Any shred of evidence Bill Maher once had has now gone. He’s a neo-liberal sellout shill, and George Carlin would definitely be fucking angry with him right now.

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