A few days ago I was clicking around one of my Facebook pages, reading the comments on any shares of the memes and articles published on it.

As anybody who owns a Facebook page will know, admins can see who is sharing their posts and where, as long as it is not being shared to a “closed group” or some other place with a locked setting.

I periodically do this to see if my content is being well-received or not. I was quite happy that, for the most part at least, the content seemed to be well-received overall.

However, I clicked on the details of one post which had been shared and re-shared a few hundred times across 3 pages, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were dozens of comments from people in Democratic-leaning groups saying, “this is Russian propaganda”, “Russian troll!”, or even worse; “Trump supporter!”

So, what was the post that was getting such push-back from such intelligent and “forward-thinking” liberals?

Was it the meme I made making fun of Rachel Maddow? Or was it the article I wrote suggesting Bernie Sanders should run for the Green Party instead of the DNC in 2020? Maybe it was my “Mainstream media are lying to you about Russia” piece?

It had to be the latter, right?

To both my surprise and amusement, it wasn’t any of those at all. It was this meme:

How on earth can that be called “Trump supporting” or “Russian propaganda”? Was labeling posts as “Russian” some sort of ironic joke in Democratic groups which I wasn’t aware of?

I just didn’t understand it at first.

After all, it’s just a meme with real pictures of the Clintons with the Trumps all laughing, with a George Carlin quote super-imposed over the top of it. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was made to highlight many people’s opinion that the Washington elite is one big club that doesn’t care about you. None of you. It was made to highlight my opinion that whether these people are Republican or Democratic, they’re only in it for themselves.

It confused me. Why was that meme getting so many negative comments?

It wasn’t until I started looking at any negative comments on other shares, that I realized there was a pattern.

If any post or picture I had made said anything bad about the DNC or Clintons, or questioned anything regarding their integrity and honesty in any way, the reactions were negative.

Likewise, if any post made suggested that Trump was elected because people didn’t trust the DNC or Hillary Clinton, instead of him being elected by Russia, the post and/or person who shared it were labeled a “Russian troll.”

And on many occasions, multiple times on the same share.

To everyone out there who thinks this way, who believes that people who say anything negative are a Russian Troll or a Trump supporter, I have something to tell you:

Saying something negative about the Clintons does not by proxy make them a Russian troll or a Trump supporter.

It just means they believe in the truth. Whether you like the truth or not, the truth is the truth.

Besides, even if the truth were to come out of Russia, it would still be the truth.

Not everyone out there who thinks Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate is a Trump supporter. And not everyone who doesn’t like Clinton or what the DNC has become is a Russian troll, either.

There are many people, myself included, who despise what the DNC has become, and think Hillary Clinton is the epitome of all that is wrong in US politics.

We’re not Russian, though. And we certainly don’t like Donald Trump. In fact, we hate that guy as much as the Clintons probably do.

We call ourselves “Progressives”, and there’s something neo-liberals need to know about us above all else:

Progressives are not Russian Trolls – They just seek truth

It may be difficult for a neo-liberal Hillary/die-hard DNC supporter to understand, but progressives aren’t Russian trolls. Progressives aren’t people who defend their heroes even when they know they’re wrong.

Progressives are seekers of truth. They are only interested in knowing facts. They are interested in the truth above all else because they understand, once you know the facts about something which is broken, solutions on how to fix it quickly follow.

The first step in fixing any problem, is admitting that there is one in the first place.

Unlike a die-hard DNC supporter, progressives can also take criticism of their favorite politician.

If you were to say to a Berniecrat, “Bernie was full of shit when he said he’d bring manufacturing jobs back,” they’d probably agree with you. Mainly because, you’d be correct.

On the other hand though, I am still yet to meet a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat voter who will admit that the 2016 primary was stacked against Bernie Sanders in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Even though Donna Brazile has admitted it. In print.

And this is where neo-liberals and the DNC have a fundamental problem. They are engaging in a hypocritical act.

They are labeling what is 100% true as “propaganda”, while spreading actual propaganda themselves.

It’s just not Russian propaganda though, it’s American establishment propaganda.

The DNC are the main purveyors of propaganda in America

Think about for a second.

Where did the “Russians hacked us” and the “Trump is a Putin Puppet” stories originate?

It was the DNC, right?

Their emails ended up on Wikileaks which caused them national embarrassment, and went a long way to solidifying a feeling that many Americans already harbored that Hillary Clinton was untrustworthy.

The DNC told us the company they hired to investigate the “hack”, Crowdstrike, said it was a “hack”. They came to the conclusion, “It was Russia who did it, governor!”

If that was true, if the Russians did actually hack the DNC’s emails and give them to Wikileaks in order to help Trump get elected, why didn’t the DNC let the FBI examine their servers? What did they have to hide?

There’s just so much that stinks about that theory. Progressives can smell it’s total bullshit a mile away.

Let’s also not forget where the theory Trump was “Putin’s puppet” came from. That actually originated from the mouth of Hillary Clinton herself during the debates.

And finally, there’s the “Peegate dossier” scandal

For months after losing to Trump, the Democrats were telling anybody with ears that Donald Trump was in collusion with Russia. That, somehow, Donald Trump was elected unfairly because he tried to get some “dirt” on his opponent from sources within the Kremlin.

Then in January, just before Trump is sworn into office, the “Peegate Dossier” is published by Buzzfeed.

In the dossier, it is suggested that while on a trip to Russia, Trump paid two prostitutes piss all over a bed which Barrack Obama once slept in. The suggestion was, it was recorded by a secret camera, and Putin was blackmailing Trump with it.

All this has backfired spectacularly on the DNC in the last few weeks though, because it turned out that the “Peegate dossier”, was actually funded by the DNC.

All along, the DNC have been trying to say that Donald Trump got dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russian sources, when in fact it was the other way around.

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda minister during WWII, once said, “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

There’s no doubt the DNC is guilty of it there, 100%

Despite all of these facts, the DNC carries on regardless

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, the Democratic establishment continues to spread their false narrative.

Their Twitter feeds are still full of “Russia hacked us” stories. Even though there is far more evidence which points at a leak being more probable.

The mainstream media is now trying to say that Clinton’s campaign getting dirt on Trump was fine, because they paid for it. While at the same time saying Trump’s campaign trying to get dirt on Clinton was illegal, because they didn’t pay for it.

And cable news is still focusing on unproven Russian ‘collusion’. Rachel Maddow is still doing one hour specials connecting any dots she can between Trump and the Kremlin.

The worst part of it all, is it is working.

You only need to look at the comments on that meme which was shared to see that. After all, a lie told once is a lie, but told a thousand time becomes a truth.

It does make you wonder why they continue to do it.

Well, progressives know why:

The establishment is losing, so they have to keep lying

When Trump was elected, people all over the world started to ask questions. They began asking, “What the fuck has happened in America for that idiot to become President?”

They started digging for answers as to what was broken in the US political system. And they began to realize what they were hearing from the mainstream media was bullshit.

They began to understand that Noam Chomsky was right after all. That all the media now does is manufacture consent for the government to do whatever it is they want to do.

Which usually means bombing the shit out of somewhere. Usually somewhere with oil.

And these people who were asking these questions began to realize that George Carlin was right all along:

It really is a big club, and you ‘aint in it.

All of this doesn’t mean people asking questions and believing in truths are Russian trolls, though. And it doesn’t make them Putin’s puppets.

And it certainly doesn’t mean they like Trump, either.

Which makes the people who yell “Russian troll” whenever they don’t like something posted on social media such hypocrites.

These same people make fun of Trump supporters all day long. They share funny memes on social media about how ignorant Trump’s followers are until the cows come home. And they constantly berate “Trumptards” for not believing in facts, laughing at how Trump supporters call anything they don’t like about their hero “Fake News!”

Meanwhile, Clinton and DNC supporters are doing the exact same thing.

Because “Russian troll!”, is the exact left-wing equivalent of a Trump supporter screaming “Fake News!” at anyone posting something factual which they don’t like.

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