One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes, and also my personal favorite quote of all time is;

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It makes perfect sense.

Imagine you were in a competition, for instance. Imagine if you employed the same tactics for almost a decade but lost over and over – You’d change tactics, wouldn’t you?

Were you to lose 1100 games of poker because you believed going all-in with 7-2 off suit every time you were dealt it, you’d maybe stop doing that and start playing better starting hands, right?

If you were in charge of a sports team which lost year on year but refused to change the way you played the game, you’d fully expect to be fired, yes?

Well, not if you’re the leaders of the DNC.

In the last 9 years, the DNC has lost over 1100 seats. They’ve also lost the house, the senate, the supreme court and the Presidency to an absolute moron.

And they flat out refuse to change what they have been doing.

It’s safe to say, the Democrats are in crisis. I cannot recall a period in history where they lost this badly for so long.

One would think then, that they would realize that their message is not resonating with people. You’d think that they would take a good, long hard look in the mirror and ask, “Hold on a minute, why have we sucked so badly for so long? Why do we keep losing?”

At the very least, one might expect a few heads to roll at the very top of the organization.

Well, if the last year is anything to go by, rather than change, the DNC is doubling-down on their losing philosophy.

The DNC is not going to change their losing strategy

Despite the fact that Democrats have lost so badly for almost an entire decade, it seems nothing is going to change within their ranks anytime soon.

Nancy Pelosi remains minority house leader, a position she has held for seven years. Chuck Schumer has been chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee for the same period of time.

And despite the fact that during this 7 year period the Democrats have had their asses kicked in elections from coast to coast, these two leaders of the DNC remain in their positions.

At least for the foreseeable future.

Both show no signs of changing their stance, on anything. Neither of them support the policies which the majority of the country, and VAST majority of Democrats desperately want.

They refuse to come out in support for Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage or oppose regime-change wars.

And neither want to see less power being given to wall street, an end to the prisons-for-profit system or a move toward free education, either.

No. The leadership of the DNC isn’t just going to refuse to support any of these election-winning strategies, either. In fact, they’re going to actively crush anybody within their party who would even suggest it.

And when it comes to “punching left”, the DNC will employ every dirty tactic they have. Tactics they don’t even dare use on the Republicans.

The DNC will fight ANYONE who does try to make them change!

This week, the DNC refused to let any members of the Justice Democrats or Brand New Congress have access to the Voter Access Network (VAN).

VAN is a huge database including the names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information of voters. Any Democratic candidates have historically had access to this Database to help them raise money and support.

The VAN network also has valuable information which is also used to compile statistics on how their campaigns are being received.

The Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, however, have been barred from access to this information.

Why have the DNC taken that action, though? Surely they are all for free and fair elections, right? The DNC has never been biased towards one candidate over another, have they?

Oh….wait….never mind….

It seems that because The Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress have a populist platform, they have been barred access from VAN. It seems the DNC only wants to run candidates who agree with their losing strategy, instead of one that would actually win.

Not all of the more progressive factions within the party are primarying incumbent Democrats though, some of them are running against Republicans. So, surely they would get access to the incredibly useful information on the Voter Activation Network?

I think you can guess the answer to that.

The dirty tricks don’t stop there

The DNC has gone one step further though. Not only are they obstructing any candidate running on a progressive platform, they’re also using identity politics to oust any progressive members in The Democratic National Committee.

DNC chair Tom Perez, who doesn’t seem to understand the constitution, got rid of many of the last remaining progressive and populist voices on the Democratic National Committee this week.

He then replaced them with the likes of Donna Brazille.

Yup. Donna Brazille. A woman who has lost every presidential campaign she has ever worked on. The woman who was caught leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the Primaries in 2016.

Even CNN have distanced themselves from Brazille. CNN!

And what do the centrist hacks in the DNC say to those people who have complained about these decisions?

They’ve responded with words to the effect of, “If you don’t like Donna Brazille, it’s just because she’s a black woman. So you’re either a racist, or a misogynist.”

Ah, yes. Identity politics. The DNC’s not-so-secret weapon against anybody anywhere who has anything negative whatsoever to say against a woman or non-Caucasian.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the DNC were trying to piss people off and lose on purpose.

Come to think of it, I actually don’t know any better!

If the DNC don’t change, Trump is going to get a second term

It pains me to say it, but I really do think the moron-in-chief is going to get 8 years in the Oval office instead of just 4.

It’s a horrific thought. It will probably keep you up at night just thinking about it.

The problem with Trump is, no matter how bad he gets, no matter how much he makes a fool out of himself or his country, his supporters continue in their unwavering support of him.

In the last month alone Trump has made a dozen gaffes which would make anybody else’s poll numbers drop like a stone. He’s made a fool out of himself on an almost daily basis, yet somehow his base support does not move an inch in their worship of him.

One in three Americans still support him. Just think about that for a second. One in three. After all his gaffes and his blunders, he’s still kept his base support.

Here’s the reason Trump’s supporters love him

Despite what you may hear on social media, the reason his support holds steady is not because his supporters are stupid.

A lot of them are stupid, of course, but that’s not why he doesn’t lose support.

The reason is, Trump has an anti-establishment message. It’s a message that’s full of shit, and one that he constantly lies about, but it’s still a message that resonates with his base.

Go ask a Trump supporter why they continue to support him, and I guarantee that their answer will be, “because he’s not a politician”, or something similar.

Just like you reading this now, they are fed up with establishment politics. They are disillusioned with both political parties. Trump is, to his supporters at least, a way of giving establishment politicians a giant “fuck you”.

Trump’s supporters don’t love him because he’s intelligent. They don’t forgive him of every cock-up he makes because they think he’s always right. And they didn’t vote for him because he promised to build a stupid dumb-ass wall (OK, some did).

Trump supporters love him because he has an anti-establishment message.

It’s bullshit, of course. He’s a gigantic liar who has conned them into thinking he’s going to “drain the swamp” in Washington. But it has worked, and continues to work.

And the Democrats just will not move left towards a more populist strategy. It does not matter how much they lose, they won’t budge from their centrist neo-liberal platform.

So, are the Democrats insane?


But not because they continue to think that their losing strategy will suddenly become a winning one.

You see, Albert Einstein was wrong.

In fact, the definition of insanity is: “a legal term pertaining to a defendant’s ability to determine right from wrong when a crime is committed

And the DNC are guilty of many, many crimes. Crimes which they have taken no responsibility for and continue to commit. It’s as if the DNC cannot tell what is right and what is wrong.

It’s criminal that the DNC continues to take money from gigantic corporations and only do their bidding instead of what is best for their voters.

It is criminal that they openly and brazenly quash any voices within their ranks who have a populist message. Donna Brazille being given a seat in the committee is also, criminal.

And it is a crime that their organization has the word “Democratic” in it, yet they do not seem to believe in Democracy.

And it’s criminal that if they did move left, if they were to adopt a more populist message that people actually believed in and wanted, they’d clean up in elections across the country. It wouldn’t matter whether the state was red or blue, their losing streak would come to an end.

But that is not what they will do, not at all.

Which is why, sadly, I think Trump will end up getting a second term. And if that does happen, god help us all – just 9 months has been bad enough!

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