There’s no doubt about it, the last 12 months have been nothing short of a disaster for the Democratic National Committee.

One would think that losing a general election to a reality TV star buffoon was as bad as things could get, but since that fateful day in November 2016, the struggles within the party have just got worse.

Rather than unite a divided party behind a fresh, exciting new direction after losing 1100 seats, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Presidency in the last 8 years, the DNC leadership have decided that all they need is more of the same.

And if you look at what they have changed this year, it seems they’ve gotten worse.

In February, they voted to roll back restrictions introduced by Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees.

That’s right. They did that.

Rather than listen to their voters who believe less corporate and PAC money should be allowed in politics, the DNC actually voted to take MORE of it!

Later that month, they elected Tom Perez as DNC chair in what can only be described as an extremely dodgy voting process.

Tom Perez is thought of as the typical “establishment figure” by progressives within the party, who would much rather have seen Keith Ellison as chair.

You only needs to look at the reaction of this guy, to understand how bad of a decision electing Tom Perez was:

2017 got worse for the DNC

February wasn’t the worst month the DNC had though. Not by a long way.

A terrible year reached a new low after Donna Brazile’s revelations that the DNC didn’t only rig the 2016 primary in favor of Hillary Clinton, they gave complete control of the entire committee to the Clinton campaign.

Well before she secured the nomination.

Through all of these troubles though, the DNC have somehow managed to #resist Donald Trump.

By unifying in their opposition against Trump’s proposals, and with a little help from Republicans with a conscience, most of the legislative measures put forward by Trump have been thwarted.

They managed to block his travel ban, albeit with the help of a few federal judges, twice. Trump’s health bill was also struck down twice, and it doesn’t look good for his tax “reform” bill, either.

Through all of their troubles, the DNC has somehow managed to block Trump from any major legislative win.

All except one.

Trump’s only major legislative win so far

Trump’s only major legislative win since becoming President, was passed with a great deal of help from the DNC. And what’s worse is, it was possibly the most dangerous wins of all.

Trump asked for an extra $54 Billion for the 2018 defense budget. A budget which is already higher than the next 7 or 8 countries combined. With the help of the DNC, he got an extra $80 Billion. This meant the total 2018 defense budget would be around $700 Billion.

Without much ado, the DNC gave a President they perceive as as “unhinged” and “dangerous” a $700 Billion fund to wreak havoc on the world. There was no push-back, and there were no inquiries. The DNC didn’t go on CNN or MSNBC and scream about it being dangerous or unethical.

And neither did they write any scathing op-eds for the media pointing out that the increase alone could have paid for “free” college.

When the defense budget was voted on in the House, 117 Democrats voted in favor of it, with 73 opposing. In the Senate it was even worse. Out of the 44 Democrats who hold seats, only 4 opposed the bill.

That is pathetic.

Some people argue that the defense budget would have passed even if every Democrat voted against it. They have a point when saying that, but they’re missing the bigger picture.

If the DNC are going to vote in favor of giving a man they describe as “dangerous and unhinged” a $700 Billion war chest, then what is the point of the DNC?

Democrats to keep an eye on

Elizabeth Warren, often thought of as one of the most progressive politicians the Democrats have, voted in favor of it.

That’s how out of touch the DNC has become.

Trump has called her “goofy” and labeled her “Pocahontas.” Warren has called him “a loser” and “the large orange elephant in the room” in response, yet she still voted in favor of giving him $700 Billion to set fire to the Middle East.

Quite sure progressives will remember that if she announces a 2020 run, along with the fact she endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders, of course.

Al Franken and Corey Booker were among many other DNC Senators also voted in favor of the defense bill. And here’s the full list of all the House representatives who voted in favor of it.

But there are a few names that stand out in the above lists who voted no.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s voting record for the last year and a half has been superb, so it’s no surprise she was on the right side of the fence. Joe Kennedy also voted against it, as did Keith Ellison.

And of course, Tulsi Gabbard voted the right way. She always does, after all. As did Bernie Sanders.

But as the DNC keep reminding progressives, Sanders is not a Democrat, so he doesn’t count.

Of all the Democrats in the House and Senate who voted in favor of Trump’s defense bill though, there are a few who if they lost their seat next year might send shock-waves through the entire party and mark a significant change in direction.

These Democrats need to be voted OUT!

Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi

How do you kill a snake? You cut off it’s head!

As opposition leader of the house, Nancy Pelosi is useless. Not only did she vote in favor of the defense budget, she opposes almost everything her voters want.

Medicare for all? Pelosi is against it.

$15 minimum wage? Against it.

Money out of politics? Give me a break! Asked why she should stay on as opposition leader of the house, Pelosi said, “I raise the most money.”

She’s got to go, and fast. Pelosi has a HUGE majority in California’s 12th district, but has faced little to no resistance for years.

Somebody needs to primary her, and get her out in 2018!

Joe Manchin

If a Democrat sides with the Republican party more often than they vote against them, are they actually a Democrat at all?

Joe Manchin has the worst voting record of any sitting DNC Senator.

For starters, Manchin was the only Democrat to approve of Jeff Sessions appointment to Attorney General. He also has an appalling environmental record. He’s been vocal in his support of fracking, and also approves of the Dakota access and Keystone pipelines.

And, of course, he voted in favor of Trump’s defense budget.

He’s got to go, and in 2018, he just might.

Manchin will face off against Justice Democrat Paula Swearengin in the West Virginia 2018 Democratic Primary. Swearengin takes zero dollars from corporations or PAC’s, and is already in double-digit support despite zero name recognition or mainstream media spotlight.

Manchin meanwhile, is already underwater in the polls.

The end may be nigh for him….

Dianne Feinstein

When asked if she supported Medicare for all, Feinstein said, “If single-payer healthcare is going to mean a complete takeover of healthcare by the government…..then I’m not there yet.”

You couldn’t have scripted that response any better if you were working for a right-wing think-tank that was funded by the health insurance industry.

Also, what does “not there yet” mean? Dianne Feinstein is 84 years old – what’s she waiting for before she gets on board with single payer? Her 90’s?

Feinstein is known for being against legalized marijuana, yet somehow she’s a Senator for California.

Go figure.

She’ll face stiff opposition in the California primary from two progressive candidates. David Hildebrand has announced a run against her in 2016, and Alison Hartson is running for the Justice Democrats.

Both of these candidates are so strong, some pundits believe Feinstein may even drop out of the race and retire, rather than face defeat.

In conclusion

There are no two ways about it; The DNC has to change.

And the way things have gone this year, they won’t do it on their own. The voters are going to have to make them change, by voting out the incumbents who do not reflect democratic beliefs.

If just one of the above lost their seat in a primary next year, it would certainly raise eyebrows within the DNC.

If all three lost though, it might just signal a new beginning.

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