Would you like to understand what the the President really means when he says words?

Do you struggle to understand the real meaning of the word “bigly”? Do you have difficulty deciphering sentences such as ,”The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough, and maybe, it’s hardly doable”?

If so, ‘Trumpisms: The Trump-to-English Dictionary’ is about to make your lives much, much easier.

Containing 100 of President Donald J. Trump’s most memorable quotes and claims, Gordon Dimmack uses absolutely no professional qualifications whatsoever to decipher the real meaning behind Trump’s words and nonsensical statements, with hilarious results!

Learn the true meaning of sentences such as, “Who knew healthcare was so complicated?”, “I know words, the best words”, and “I’m like, a smart person.”

Understand how President Trump truly feels about his children, and Tiffany.

Get an insight into how President Trump sees the members of his cabinet, the press, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie.

“Trumpisms: The Trump-to-English Dictionary” is a reporter’s and Whitehouse aide’s dream.

Legal shit requires that we state the book is a satirical look at Donald J. Trump’s most famous quotes. Please don’t sue, Donald! I know you like to sue people, but I have no money to defend myself. Seriously, there are children working in sneaker factories in Asia that out-earn me!

A must-have book for anybody who is fascinated by the incoherent ramblings of the Donald! Which let’s face it, is every single person on the planet!

Get your copy NOW on Amazon for just $3.99

A paperback copy is also available on Amazon for just $7.99.

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